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What is Openfolio?

Openfolio is changing the way people measure, understand, and improve their portfolio performance through the power of community-sourced benchmarks. Our platform leverages data from tens of thousands of investors to help users invest better, together. Openfolio's data not only highlights what you are doing right or wrong, it also motivates you to start making better investment decisions.

By connecting your portfolio to our community, you are anonymously contributing valuable information that benefits all investors on our platform. We then aggregate all the portfolio data on our platform to create the Openfolio Investor Average, the first benchmark based entirely on portfolio data from real investors. As we learn more about you, we then create an Investors Like You benchmark based on your personalized data such as income, age, and investment goals to help you stay on track to gain financial freedom.

These benchmarks are powerful tools to help individual investors better evaluate their performance as they offer more appropriate measurements than the currently available market indexes.

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